(dĭs″kwĭ-zĭsh′ən ɚ)

According to Chambers 20th Century Dictionary (my favorite, by the way) "disquisition" means "a careful enquiry into any matter by arguments, etc: an essay". I expect it's not a word you've come across, though I'm sure you're familiar with its opposite "inquisition". Interesting that inquisition is so much more common but perhaps that's because it often has a negative if not infamous connotation, as in 'The Spanish Inquisition'. I'd like to think disquisition is the quieter, always helpful but unsung alternative. Enlightening and exploring through thoughtful enquiry.

By extension a "disquisitioner" is someone who crafts such careful enquiries -- an explainer, if you will. I've always felt a connection to that concept and therefore to the term. I love learning new things, seeing how things work, and sharing what I've come to undertsand with others. Hence disquisitioner.com.

As for me, I’m an electrical engineer both genetically and by training and have spent over forty years designing, developing, marketing, selling, and using computers and software. I’ve worked as an individual researcher and developer, managed small exploratory teams, and led large product engineering organizations. My career path has given me a chance to build tiny embedded devices, mobile and consumer electronics, operating systems and middleware, core web plaform technologies, telecommunications and information systems, and components of large data centers.