Streaming Camera Stand

For the last year or so I've been working from home one day a week, easily able to take part in meetings with colleagues thanks to Mozilla's marvelous, long-standing support of remote employees. Hanging out with some Twitch streamers at PAX West gave me a chance to pick up some great tips on how to improve my work-from-home video stream, and I pieced together a simple arrangement using an Elgato CamLink and my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera, with an old desktop microphone stand pressed into service as a mount positioned behind my monitor.

Fast forward to the present and, like nearly everyone else, I'm working from home every day. I decided it was time to upgrade my basic video streaming setup with something more complete and adjustable. Aaron Pareki's excellent post about upgrading your home video setup referenced Caleb Pike's YouTube video detailing a single-pole mount much like what I was looking for.

You should go watch Caleb's video to get the full idea, but the design is built using desktop monitor mounts and arms made by WALI Electric. While lots of similar mounting products exist a key feature of the WALI modular system is that all the arms and connectors can be disassembled using the hex wrench included with the gear. As Caleb's video illustrates, that lets you rearrange and repupose arms designed to hold computer monitors to work with camera ball heads, brackets and lights.

In my case I wanted one two-part arm on which to mount my camera so I could swing it through a wide range of positions side to side. A second, shorter arm could hold a simple LED-based fill light closer to the center position of the pole but still with some flexibility in angling illumination relative to the camera. The project proceeded in phases, given me an opportunity to experiment with arm disassembly and reassembly, overall positioning on my desk, and ways to best secure the camera and light.

Here's the final result close up so hopefully you can see how everything goes together:

Demand for work-from-home gear is particular high right now and the parts I ordered directly from WALI's web site often show as unavailable. Here's my parts list for reference:

You likely will wnt aother components for your set-up, so I suggest browsing both the WALI Electric web site and Look for the various combination kits as some include multiple arms, the double-height pole, and additional brackets that might prove useful.

As your assembly will almost certainly be different, rather than try providing assembly instructions I'll just suggest you lay everything out, take the monitor arms apart, and experiment with arm length and placement to best fit your setup. I do have a few tips, though:

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