IndieWebCamp West -- Learn + Do

Excellent first day yesterday at IndieWebCamp West with site demos that inspired and sessions that informed. I saw several folks with light/dark color theme selectors on their sites so that's my primary task for today's "hands-on" project day. I also got some great glimpses at site automation tools that can help me with some of the operational chores I've been compensating and which are more difficult to take care of on a statically-generated site like mine. And there was a lot of talk about Webmentions so I have some ideas there too.

This was, I'm told, the largest IndieWebCamp ever. Yesterday's keynote sessions had forty six folks on-line in Zoom plus an additional (unreported) number viewing the live stream. Here's a Zoom group photo just at the end of the Day 1 Keynotes:

IndieWebCamp West group photo

Thanks to Chris, Aaron, David, Tantek and the other organizers/volunteers for an excellent, very smoothly run event, and Cassie, Ryan and Jacky for delightful keynotes (recordings of which are available via the schedule page linked to above).

Back to work on my color theme selector! Gotta be ready for a demo by 4:30pm...

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